Metropolis, Dystopian Fever

I recently watched Fritz Lang’s Masterpiece Metropolis made in 1927, one of the first Science Fiction movie ever which continues today to inspire film directors, writers and artists.The movie is set in the year 2026, in the city of Metropolis, divided between the rich high class who lives in the top of the city and the working class who lives and works in the darkness below the concrete pavement. The Leader of the City asks the scientist to create a human machine, called Hel, who will rule the working class.

The movie is so ahead of its time, yet it reflects a lot the societal fears of the 1920’s period, with the rise of communism in eastern Europe and the Industrial Revolution: Men being replaced by machines. My favorite part of Metropolis is actually how Fritz Lang used to direct the extras on screen. Some scene have hundred of people acting at the same time, creating a true movement of desperation which fits the movie perfectly.

A quick illustration I did after watching the movie:

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